Stylist Spotlight Series: Nicolette McKinstry

Nicki headshot Our next installment of Posh December Stylist Spotlight Series is Nicolette "Nikki" McKinstry



Nikki has been with Posh for 7 years and has been a cosmetologist for 10 years. She currently acts as the Salon Director and is an Elite Stylist. Nikki specializes in advanced and precision cutting techniques. You can view her work on Instagram @behindnikkischair.




Originally from New Jersey, Nicki is a military brat and has now been in the Hampton Roads area for 10 years. She loves to workout and travel in her spare time.



What is your favorite thing about Williamsburg?

I love the history and how cultural and interesting it is. I love the trees and the strong military presence.


What is your favorite service to perform?

I love waxing and any precision hair cutting. 


What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

I love the personal relationship I have with each of my clients. I love talking to them and spending time with them. It is such an honor for me to do their hair on a regular basis and making them feel special. I also have a passion for the artistry of hair. I love creating something based on what my clients want from beginning to end. Continuing my education has been a huge part of my success as a stylist and I love learning new techniques to bring to my clients.


What is something you wish your clients knew?

I want my clients to know how appreciative their loyalty and their business is to me. their trust in our relationshi[p and continued business means thw world to me in every way.


If you were not a cosmetologist, what would you be?

A lawyer and a dog walker.


Our next Stylist Spotlight will be on Lexi Caton.

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