Even a field of sunflowers can’t outshine Brittney’s sunny personality!  When she’s not behind the chair, Brittney enjoys spending time with her “furbabies,” Emma and Millie.

Today, we’re catching up with stylist Brittney Tawney, our dog-loving, wisecracking, kindhearted stylist with a passion for making others feel beautiful!

A Williamsburg native, Brittney’s 7+ years in the salon industry began close to home.  “I started out doing my friends’ and family’s hair; they were my guinea pigs!  I still always managed to make them feel beautiful, and that was the most rewarding feeling.  I knew then that I’d found my passion.”


Brittney’s greatest achievement behind the chair has been honing her technique in balayage, which comes from the French word “balayer,” meaning to sweep.  Brittney has perfected this highly technical color application, in which color is hand-painted to achieve a graduated, naturally highlighted effect.  “It’s a beautiful technique that gives your hair so much dimension, and thanks to the education Posh has given me, I love doing it!”

Although many people think being a hairstylist is an “easy” job, Brittney knows firsthand that it’s not all glamour and hairspray.  “The Posh team has gone through so much intensive training to be the great stylists they are today.  It takes a lot of practice to master certain things, and industry trends are always changing, so there’s always more to learn.  That’s why we take so much pride in what we do!”


The best part of working at Posh is the close relationship Brittney has developed with her coworkers and clients.  “I get to meet so many great people, it’s almost like I’m hanging out with family all day.  These women will get you through anything!  If someone is treating you badly, they are ready to defend you without any questions.”


Another thing that gets Brittney through it all?  Her labrador retrievers, Emma and Millie.  “Anyone who knows me knows I’m passionate about my dogs.  It’s the best feeling, coming home to wagging tails and bunches of dog kisses.”  Purchasing that home for herself, says Brittney, is perhaps her greatest accomplishment outside of the salon.

When asked who she admires most, Brittney says it’s definitely her mom.  “She always sees the positive in things.  I could rob a bank and she’d still be there for me to get me through it.  She’s one of the most caring and selfless people in my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have her.”

At Posh, the team shares a similar feeling of gratitude for Brittney, whose sharp sense of humor and playful personality bring laughter and a sense of unity to the team.  “I love to pick on the girls like they’re my family.  I may bring a little sarcasm to the group, but it’s always with a hefty dose of love!”

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