The Aveda Lifestyle

For us, Aveda isn’t just a product we love. It’s a culture and mission that we proudly stand behind. As an Aveda lifestyle salon, each aspect of what we do is in alignment with the Aveda brand globally. From the services we perform to the products we use, Aveda is at the center of it all. Not only do we love it, but we know you will too! Today, we want to share what the Aveda Lifestyle and Aveda way is, and why we love it so much.

Valentine's Day Gifts at Posh!

It’s almost time for the holiday of loooove! With only two days left until Valentine’s day, you might be racking your brain for the perfect gift. Whether you’re buying a gift for your significant other, your best friends, your kids, your coworkers, whoever, we’ve got just the thing. Not to mention, with sets and gifts at all price ranges, we’ve got something for everyone at a price that works for YOU.

Skincare at Posh


When you think of a salon, do you think of hair? While you’re not wrong, there’s so much more to what we do at Posh. Hair is a huge part of what we do, and an art…

Nutriplenish: Aveda's Latest in Nutrition for Your Hair!

We all want hair that’s smooth to the touch, nourished, and well taken care of. With all the things we put our hair through - we’re talking heat damage, high ponytails, harsh brushing, the whole deal - it’s important that we take care of it. Not all hair products were created equal, which is why we believe so strongly in the power of Aveda’s products. Today, we’re introducing something big.

Friends & Family Sale

At Posh, we think about our clients as more than just customers. You are guests in our space and people who can talk with us about the week's events (or anything OTHER than the latest cartoon show if you're a parent). You trust us to help you look and feel your best, and it isn't something we take lightly. As an Aveda lifestyle salon, it's our goal to make you feel welcomed, pampered, and taken care of.

Holiday Corporate Gifting

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to talk about the holidays! Too soon? There’s no such thing! This holiday season, we’re making it easy for you to give the gift of Posh. And, when you give the gift of Posh, you give the gift of luxury. Today, we’re sharing all about corporate gifting. No matter how many people are on your list, we’ve got corporate gift options for every budget.

Aveda Plant Peels with Elizabeth

Chemical peels might sound scary at first. Because we’ve seen the benefits first hand and know how beneficial these peels can be for the skin, we wanted to share the Plant Peel with you today. Contrary to what it might sound like, your face isn’t peeling off. While some may, depending on if you’re getting them done at a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, these Plant Peels let you reap the benefits of a peel in a new way.

Celebrating our Friends & Family (YOU!)

What’s better than a celebration of the people we love most? At Posh, our guests mean the world to us. We’re always looking for ways to say “thank you” to each and every guest for choosing Posh salon as their home salon. As an Aveda salon, it’s obvious as soon as you walk through our doors that we love and believe in each and every Aveda product we use and sell. While we love sharing these products with you during your visit any time of the year, we’ve got a special four days ahead planned for you.

Living Colorfully with Vibrants!

The beauty of Aveda colors is that they are completely customizable. As we debuted our new Vibrant colors last week, we wanted to share some ways you can try out a fresh color as we go into fall. Whether you have a child who wants to try a new, fun color or you’ve got an adventurous side you want to show off, choosing one of our nine customizable Vibrants colors is the perfect way to live boldly. Since the color lasts through approximately 15 washes, you can experiment as often as you like to add a pop of color to your hair at anytime!

It’s time to get VIBRANT!

As an Aveda salon, we’re always excited when we have a new product to share. You might have seen our teaser post, hinting at something new and colorful coming your way. Well, it’s here...and it’s awesome.