Scary Good Halloween Makeup


As Halloween approaches, you may be starting to think of the perfect costume. Halloween isn’t just for kids. There are so many opportunities to be creative, dress up, and show off your style. At Posh, Halloween makeup and hair is one of our specialities. Just browse through some of our favorite looks from over the years to see why.



As we move through October with Halloween on the brain, it’s time to start thinking of that perfect Halloween look. What will you be? How can we make it “next level?” We’re here to answer all of your Halloween hair and makeup questions so you can book your appointment, start the countdown, and let the fun begin!


When and how do I book?

To put it simply, call and book as soon as possible! With appointments already filling up, it’s best to act fast to secure your spot in the weeks surrounding Halloween. Since we are still accepting clients for day-to-day and special event makeup appointments, make sure you call and book as soon as you find out when your party or event is. To book an appointment, call 757.253.7674.


How much does it cost? 

Halloween makeup starts at $75 and goes up based on the intricacy, time, and special effects required. For a quote customized to the unique look you’d like done, call and talk with one of our Guest Relations team members. We are also able to do hair to complete the look if you’d like!


Who are the artists?

Leanna, Briana, and Elizabeth are our talented Halloween Fx and makeup artists! 


What should I do to prepare?

When looking for your perfect Halloween look, we recommend browsing Pinterest, and other online platforms, to find one you love. Our artists can replicate photos of others well so the more examples and photos you have, the better. Our Fx makeup artists have their own kits that they use in addition to our Aveda makeup to help bring your vision to life. 

When you come in for your appointment, be sure your skin is clean and cleansed without oil or moisturizer. We will set the skin beforehand and get to work! If your costume cannot easily be put on without disturbing your hair and makeup, coming in costume makes it easier to keep your look fresh. If you have questions or concerns before your appointment, don’t hesitate to call the studio.


What should I bring with me?

Along with your inspiration photos, bring any and all the accessories needed to achieve the perfect look. If you’ll want to use latex prosthetics as a part of your makeup, bring those as well. It’s a good rule of thumb to bring anything aside from hair and make up products, as we’ll have plenty of those! If you’re not wearing your costume, bringing a part of it for color reference can be helpful as well. 

If you’re not sure what to bring or want to make sure you’ve got it all covered beforehand, give our salon a call and talk to one of our artists to confirm.   


What are some tips for helping it stay?

Once you’ve got the look, you’ll want to make sure it stays! By using setting spray before and after, our artists do everything in their power to give you a look that lasts. On the go, our Aveda air control spray in a travel size is a great way to get keep your makeup set and looking fresh! 


There you have it...your guide to SCARY good Halloween makeup. We can’t wait to see what spooky (or sweet) looks you come up with. The options are endless...and we look forward to making them a Halloween reality!

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