If you read our blog post last week about our waxing services just in time for summer, you may still be wondering about all the ins and outs. We’ve decided to give you a quick crash course in all things waxing! From preparation to what to expect when it comes to healing, we’re sharing the low down on “Waxing 101.”

If it’s your first time getting a wax, you may be a little nervous. After all, it is different than a lot of other hair removal options out there. At our salon, you have nothing to worry about. With our relaxing private room, you’ll feel comfortable and taken care of. Our trained estheticians know how to make your appointment as relaxing as possible with minimal discomfort.

While it may take a little bit of time to get to the perfect result due to prior hair removal techniques, you’ll be glad you did! Over time, waxing gets easier and easier as the hair gets on the same growth cycle and actually thins out. Waxing removes the entire hair from the follicle rather than just cutting it down like with shaving. Because of this, your results will last far beyond shaving!



Gently exfoliating one to two days prior to your waxing appointment is the perfect way to prep skin and remove dead skin cells, but stay away from it the day of your appointment.

If you’ve been doing other forms of hair removal, such as shaving, stop long enough before your appointment to allow your hair to grow out to be 1/4th of an inch. To achieve this length, we recommend not shaving for two weeks or more prior to your appointment. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call so you can talk to one of our estheticians.

For your appointment, come with clean skin free of moisturizers or other products. It’s also important to let your esthetician know if you have any broken skin or ingrown hairs prior to the wax. If you’re worried about pain, you can take a pain reliever, such as Advil or Aleve, about 45 minutes prior to your appointment.

If you’re on a medication that affects your skin, such as accutane, let your waxer know before they get started. Before your appointment, try and stay away from caffeine and alcohol as it can cause the wax to hurt more due to increased circulation.


Your waxing appointment will take place in our secluded private room. With a relaxing atmosphere and ambience, our estheticians will instruct you on what clothing to remove if necessary and how to sit or lay for your wax.

The wax is diligently applied in a way that is careful and safety conscious. Wax is not double dipped and the necessary hygienic precautions are taken seriously by every member of our team. Whether you want to chat with your esthetician or just relax, your appointment is structured in a way that lets you feel pampered and taken care of.



To jumpstart your healing, we’ve carefully selected two products that we use either on the face or body, depending where the waxing takes place. For eyebrow waxing, hydrating toner is applied to the delicate skin to soothe. For body waxing, an antiseptic, antibacterial, and analgesic cream is applied to soothe skin and prevent ingrown hairs. If you have any questions about products that can aid your skin post-wax, feel free to give us a call. Our estheticians are happy to answer any questions you have to help you feel as confident and comfortable as possible.

If you’re planning to be outside in the sun, exposing your newly waxed skin, wait a few days prior to exposure. Come in for your wax a few days before a beach trip or your big event. Give your skin time to heal and soothe before exposing it to the sun. As always, use sun protection on your skin any time you’re out in the sun.



So…what are you waiting for!? Now that you know the inside scoop on waxing, it’s the perfect time to try out our Posh waxing and feel carefree all summer long while you show a little skin. Summer events and poolside lounging will be at the top of your list and you’ll feel confident and ready to let the sun kiss your skin!

Ready to book? Book online here or give us a call at 757.253.7674 so we can get you on the schedule and get you ready for Summer!