5 Minutes to Healthier, More Lustrous Hair

Stress, pollution, coloring and heat styling assaulting your strands?  Our new Oribe Renewal Remedies are basically like body armor for the hair, right down to the custom tailoring!


Working from the inside out, Oribe Renewal Remedies are formulated with Bio-Synergy (a restorative sugar-protein complex) to fortify the hair’s inner structure.  It also forms a protective outer shield to lock in essential moisture and smooth the cuticle.  What does this mean for your hair?  A noticeable improvement in texture, vibrancy, smoothness, strength and hydration.  And — unlike the heavy plate armor worn by knights of yore — it won’t ever weigh you down.


Because one size does not fit all, every Oribe Renewal Remedy is customized to your specific needs.  Your Posh stylist will help you choose from 3 options: Strengthening, to build resilience and prevent breakage; Smoothing, to seal in softness and fight frizz; or Color, for those seeking to extend the life of their color.


You’ll enjoy results for up to 6 weeks (yes, even through hair washing!) depending on how often you wash your hair.  The Oribe Renewal Remedy hair treatment experience is exclusively available at luxury Oribe salons, including Posh, and may be added to any haircut, color or shampoo/finish service.  Call to book your treatment today, and your hair will be battle-ready for all that lies ahead in the new year.