Is there really anything better than a good scalp massage and shampoo during your hair appointment? We know that the shampoo is one of our favorite parts of the salon experience, and we wanted to make sure that it stays one of yours as well!

At Posh salon, we strive to be both technologically and environmentally savvy in all we do. Today, we want to introduce our newest product to you! Next time you come in for a visit, you’ll be able to see it in action and see why our stylists are loving it as much as they are.



You’ll find ECOHEADS at our shampooing stations throughout the salon. Designed exclusively for salon professionals and wanting to be environmentally-friendly in the process, we’re excited to welcome these new additions. The first thing you may notice about these new heads are that there is more water pressure to help our stylists use them effectively and efficiently, saving half the amount of water that would have been used before. Stylists can adjust the water pressure to three different settings to make sure that you feel comfortable and pampered during your next shampoo. With the different pressures, your scalp will feel massaged and cared for.



The pressure of the ECOHEAD is achieved through using a sub-micron plate that both increases pressure and decreases water flow. While this might sound impossible, we’ve seen these in action and our stylists are absolutely loving using them! Not only have we heard from clients that they feel amazing during our shampoos, but our staff loves how we’re reducing our water use in the process. As you might know from previous blog posts, we want to do our part in helping the earth. Between hosting Earth month events and raising money for charity:water, we’re big proponents of doing things for our environment. When we saw how these shower heads could change our shampoos, we were sold!



Another great benefit to ECOHEADS is that they filter out all the “yuck” that you don’t want in your hair. They feature a two-step filtration process that filters out contaminants. We’re talking about chlorine, sediments, sand, and rust. Keeping this out of your hair can help you achieve that fresh, clean, and luxurious post-salon feeling. By removing these impurities, hair gets a rinse that is softer and cleaner, which can be especially important for hair appointments where color or a treatment is applied. Not only does the filter effectively clean the water, but it also generates negative ions during the process, which softens the water.



To keep up with Posh salon’s standards of elegance and luxury, we’re excited to introduce these new shower heads as a way for you to feel even better getting pampered by us. Not only will your scalp love the bonus massage, but you can feel confident knowing that the water being used on your freshly done hair is pure and clean. You’ll also be able to relax knowing that while the pressure may be higher than before, there is actually less water being used.

A win for the environment and a win for our client experience? That’s a win for us!



Come in soon to see the ECOHEADS shower heads in action! We’d love to get a chance to pamper you and leave you feeling posh and ready to take on summer. Book online here or give us a call at 757.253.7674 to book your next appointment and test out these new Posh tools for yourself!