At Posh, our goal is to create a luxurious experience for each client that steps through our doors. Part of this experience means creating a team that makes this possible. At Posh, we take great care when it comes to selecting team members. They are key when it comes to creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, pampered, and at home.

To highlight some of our amazing stylists and other team members, we wanted to take time to spotlight members of the Posh family. Today, we’re spotlighting Danielle! Danielle has been with us as a stylist for a little over three years now, but has over 14 years of experience under her belt. Her areas of specialty include fashion color techniques, edgy styles, and balayage.


What originally drew Danielle to Posh was the reputation it has in the community as well as with the stylists we bring on. She had seen and heard that Posh had a close knit community and cares deeply about our employees. After working with a variety of salons in the area, she found something special in our salon. She also found that the way an employee’s health and retirement was thought about was unlike other salons. The team atmosphere and care of the leadership brought her to our team. Since then, she has been an integral part of our team for her past three plus years with us!

“Posh differs in a sense of integrity, morals and ideas. For starters, Posh is the only Aveda salon in the Williamsburg area. Aveda alone stands out as being environmentally conscious, cruelty free (being an animal lover, that is huge), and having an all-natural array of products. On the inside, Posh contrasts from other salons in the way employees are treated with respect, dignity and genuine kindness.” – Danielle

Like all of our stylists, Danielle started as a Tier One stylist and has moved up through continued education and experience at Posh. She was immediately drawn into the functionality behind Posh and loves the effortless transitions that happen when it comes to interacting with guests and team members amidst the salon responsibilities. Part of working at Posh means becoming experts in Aveda hair products. The quality of these products can’t be beat, and has become part of Danielle’s toolkit as she has continued to make our salon her home.

“Aveda has the most versatile, customizable color line I have worked with. The hair becomes my canvas as I formulate color and paint the hair. The different techniques and endless possibilities are unimaginable.” – Danielle



“Team work at Posh is immeasurable. No matter the situation, if a stylist needs assistance, another is quick to jump in.” – Danielle

This team work is something close to all of the hearts of our team members. Danielle loves that each day at the salon is different, yet exciting. When she’s not with a guest, she and the other team members help each other in juggling day-to-day activities and operations that keep the salon moving smoothly. Both on the floor and off, the team at Posh grow close to one another through daily interactions and staff retreats.

Danielle notes that one aspect of the team atmosphere at Posh is the retreat to the beach that the team takes on an annual basis. Here, team members get to know each other on a more personal level and are able to build bonds beyond just being fellow employees.

“There is no one favorite memory but more of an album. We have laughed, joked, talked deeply, and even cried. That connection is something you just don’t see between employees anymore. Jobs and careers have become just that…a job, a place to make money. But at Posh, new memories are constantly made.” – Danielle 



Since she has been with us, Danielle has created looks for her guests utilizing her vast experience with color and cuts. She is an invaluable asset to our team, and we’re thankful to have had her behind one of our chairs for the past three plus years.

“The most rewarding aspect of this career is the ability to make someone else look and feel their best. To witness their immediate confidence boost is everything this career field stands for. Aside from that, I have many guests who have been with me for many years, and we have been able to form friendships.” – Danielle



If you ask Danielle what she likes to do in her free time, she’ll say she might have “too many” hobbies. An avid learner, she considers reading, research, and writing to be among her favorites. She has a future life goal to earn a college degree in creative writing and to see as much of the world as possible. Some of the places on her list include Italy, Greece, Spain, Scotland, and Ireland. Along these same lines, she enjoys spending time in history and adds spending time at a museum to her list of a perfect weekend.

While she looks forward to travelling the world, she also appreciates the beauty of where she lives now. She enjoys anything that has to do with the outdoors such as kayaking, camping, hiking, running, fishing, boating and archery. She also enjoys spending time gardening and considers it a “labor of love.”

 Another love of hers, other than hair, is classic vehicles. After having a long-time goal to one day own one of her own, she finally purchased one three years ago: a 1964 Chevrolet C-10. Along with her fiancé, she enjoys going to out of town classic car-shows and chatting with other enthusiasts who share the same passion!


We are so grateful to have Danielle as one of our team members. Stylists like her help make our salon a place where you can feel right at home. Call us at 757.253.7674 or Book Online today to make an appointment with Danielle…she can’t wait to see you!