Long day, week, or even month!?

Investing in self care looks different for everyone, but it’s necessary to find ways to rejuvenate and renew your mind and body. At Posh, we believe in providing services that go beyond hair and makeup. With our specialized offerings like facials and massages, we take the word “salon” to the next level. As we continue to grow and welcome in more guests everyday, our goal is to stay up to date in our offerings. Because of this, we have something exciting we’d like to introduce: our new CBD oil massages!

While we’ve been offering Swedish and Deep Tissue massages for a while, our CBD oil massages take them to new heights. Today, we’re sharing more about these massages while catching up with Elizabeth.



After obtaining her license from Miller Motte College in 2013, Elizabeth entered into the world of being an esthetician and massage therapist. Not only that, but Elizabeth is also known for her specialty: brow shaping and waxing! After joining us in January 2018, Elizabeth began serving our guests whether it was waxing, facials, or massages they wanted. She believes in the power of continuing education and has learned many applicable skills to bring into her work here at Posh. Her goal is to make clients look and feel their best. In her free time, she enjoys lifting weights, cooking, and going on new adventures with her family and friends. Elizabeth moved back to Virginia after years away serving in the army and we’re so thankful she’s a part of our Posh team and family.



You might have heard the buzz around CBD oil and seen the products we’ve brought into our salon. With so much research and information out there about the benefits of CBD, we knew it was something we wanted to be a part of. With the CBD oil, massages can target specific areas of pain. Whether guests are experiencing pain in their knees, back, or elsewhere, CBD oil can be used to target the pain points in conjunction with a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. The massaging technique allows the CBD oil to enter the bloodstream easily to bring it to the places where it matters most.

“I’ve had clients who have gotten the CBD oil massage tell me that they’ve gotten good rest after, that their pain feels more manageable, and that it’s helped their joints feel better.” – Elizabeth

Along with the benefits of a regular massage, massages with our CBD oil can help fight inflammation with added botanicals like calendula, grapeseed oil, cacao butter, lavender, and peony. CBD oil is soothing and can be used on sensitive skin as well. CBD oil has been known to help with arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and is used to get the blood flowing throughout the body. When used during your massage appointment, you’ll notice relief and relaxation.



Guests can choose between a 30, 60, or 90 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue massage with the added on CBD component. Elizabeth typically recommends the 60-minute point for a more expansive massage. If guests are looking to target a specific pain point, like their back, they may also opt for a 30-minute massage to focus on those specific things. Elizabeth recommends guests come in for a massage every 4-6 weeks to maintain and receive the added benefits of massage like a decrease in stress, improved circulation, pain management, and improved posture.

“Guests come in either to relax or to target specific pains. My massages have a therapeutic background so they are more therapeutic than going to a chain massage place. I don’t follow the same script every massage…I can feel what’s going on and change it up for each individual person.” – Elizabeth



Do yourself and your body a favor and book your next CBD massage today. With a consultation before beginning your massage, you’ll have the opportunity to communicate any areas of concern before Elizabeth begins. Taking place in our relaxing spa room surrounded by aromatherapy to relax the senses, it’s 30, 60, or 90 minutes you won’t want to end.

Book your massage by calling our salon today at 757.253.7674. We can’t wait to see you and help you feel relaxed and renewed!