As an Aveda salon, we’re always excited when we have a new product to share. You might have seen our teaser post, hinting at something new and colorful coming your way. Well, it’s here…and it’s awesome.

Introducing…Full Spectrum Vibrants!

These semi-permanent colors are available in the salon NOW. As an Aveda product, these colors are 95% naturally derived, meaning their ingredients actually help to improve the condition of the hair rather than cause damage. With nine different colors to choose from, the colors are fully customizable, making them the perfect way to try out a color you’ve always wanted…or multiple colors!

The best part about the new Vibrant line by Aveda is that they are semi-permanent, meaning they begin to wash out of the hair after 15 washes. If you’re someone who has always wanted to TRY a color before committing, now is your chance! These are the perfect way to get comfortable with color, sport a certain color for a season, or celebrate a special occasion with some exciting color! By choosing one of the nine vibrant colors, you can add streaks, highlights, and all over color to your hair. Vibrant colors aren’t your run of the mill hair colors, though. Think fashion…bold and BRIGHT!



Not only are the colors able to be customized to you (we have two ways to tone down or amp up the color depending on your personal preference), but they work on each and every hair type and color. Unlike some bold colors that show up only on lightened or bleached hair, Vibrants don’t require that blank canvas. While the color will look different on every hair color, it doesn’t require any bleaching and shows up in a color unique to you. You’ll see a pop of color no matter what color hair you have…meaning it’s fully customized to you.



Like we shared above, these are the perfect stepping stone to getting comfortable with bold colors. Perfect for every age and every hair color and type, we love these colors and are excited to add them into our color treatment services. The colors are kid-friendly, too, for parents everywhere who have kids begging them for bold-colored hair! Treat them to a perfect back to school ‘do with one of these colors! With their semi-permanent status, the colors begin to wash out after 15 washes and can also be removed in our salon if you change your mind.



While other products like this exist out there, Aveda does it right. Vibrants are ammonia free meaning they won’t damage the hair. They also add superior shine and vibrancy to hair to make the colors pop while making your hair look and feel amazing. A few weeks back, our salon welcomed an Aveda regional color educator to teach us how to use Vibrants to serve our guests best. We got the opportunity to play around with them and the results were fresh, fun, and fierce.

Our stylists are trained and ready to go! We’re excited to share this new product with you all and make all your bold, wonderful, colored hair dreams come true!


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We can’t wait to help you get VIBRANT!