The beauty of Aveda colors is that they are completely customizable. As we debuted our new Vibrant colors last week, we wanted to share some ways you can try out a fresh color as we go into fall. Whether you have a child who wants to try a new, fun color or you’ve got an adventurous side you want to show off, choosing one of our nine customizable Vibrants colors is the perfect way to live boldly. Since the color lasts through approximately 15 washes, you can experiment as often as you’d like to add a pop of color to your hair at anytime!



Fresh out of our salon, we wanted to start by sharing a way to go subtle with the new vibrant colors. For those who aren’t yet ready to go quite as “all-in,” the colors can be diluted to match the look you’re going for. For one of our recent guests, she wanted to try a fun color on the ends of her hair, keeping things subtle and blended. To achieve the bubblegum pink ends, our stylist Nicole found the perfect color match and the results were flawless.

“As soon as I saw the new Vibrant collection, I knew I wanted to try it. The fact that it lasts 15 washes made it the perfect way to try a fun color as the commitment of color can be a little daunting. When I went in for my appointment, I knew I wanted a subtle and romantic looking pink rather than a hot pink. Nicole found the perfect color and even showed me a photo before she started to make sure that the color was my desired pink. 

As a side note, the color smelled AMAZING. It’s fruity and a little sweet, which was a pleasant surprise! Since my natural hair is a pretty dark brown, the color showed up more on my highlighted pieces (which were done by Emily about a month and a half ago even though they still look brand new!) and adds such a fun little “pop.” I love how subtle the color is…it got me excited to try something a little more bold next time! I definitely recommend the new Vibrants colors for anyone. Because they’re so customizable, you can truly “get your feet wet” first before diving right in to bold and bright.”

– Caroline, Guest



For those who are looking for something more bold to make a statement, the Vibrants can do that, too! Whether it was a blue strand underneath or purple highlights, the opportunities are endless! Since the colors show up on any hair color or hair type (though they will look a bit different on each shade of hair and some may require lightening first), finding your perfect bold look can be done here at Posh! We’re also sharing some of the more bold looks done in the salon to give you some ideas of the vibrant looks you can try…the opportunities are endless!

Will you go bold…or subtle!? We’d love to help you find the perfect look for YOU. Give us a call at 757.253.7674 to book your appointment today to add a little color into your life!