Chelsea has been with us at Posh for the last eight years and plays a vital role in our operations. Not only is she a stylist with us, but she was also recently promoted to Facility Supervisor. In both of these roles, Chelsea makes it a priority to create an environment that is luxurious and relaxing for all the guests that walk through our doors. Today, we want to introduce you to Chelsea as we share a bit of her story and congratulate her on her new promotion.



For Chelsea, she’s always loved doing hair. “There is something about doing hair that I absolutely love,” Chelsea says. “From making someone feel beautiful to educating them to go home and get the same look.” Chelsea came to Posh after working at a walk-in salon for four years. Though she was originally worried about starting fresh at a new salon, knowing two friends that had already made the move to Posh and reassured her made her decision that much easier. “I’m glad I listened to them and made the move. Since making the move, I have grown so much as a stylist,” Chelsea shares.



Her time at Posh has been full of education and opportunities to make her guests feel confident. In addition to the opportunities she has had, it’s the people at Posh that make her love it even more. “We work as a team,” Chelsea says. “There is nothing like having a question about anything and being able to walk up to anyone in the salon to get the advice you need. It’s these types of relationships that make the team at Posh so close. This type of team atmosphere is one that clients notice when they come in.

One of Chelsea’s favorite Posh memories is getting the salon group picture done. “It’s so nice to get all dressed up and try and fit everyone in the pictures,” Chelsea shares. “There’s nothing like looking back on these pictures and see how much our salon has grown…lots of laughing and happy tears when we all get together.”



Recently, Chelsea was promoted to be our Facility Manager. In this position, Chelsea is responsible for keeping the salon clean and operating smoothly. “This promotion means everything,” Chelsea says. “I have worked really hard to build my business here and it’s been easier to do with the great support of our management.” With 23 stylists, keeping the salon clean can be a large undertaking. For Chelsea, this is where the importance of teamwork comes into play. “It’s not always easy but working as a team makes it so much easier,” Chelsea shares.

In addition to keeping the salon clean, Chelsea handles other tasks like cleaning and organizing towels and capes. “The first impression means everything,” Chelsea says. It’s this first impression that Posh has worked hard to create to make our environment one where guests feel relaxed and comfortable.

Before the salon opens, Chelsea is working hard to prepare the facility for the day. From turning on the lights to folding laundry and making hot towels, she works with other stylists to each prepare their stations and tools for the day. Throughout the day, Chelsea and the team works to make sure each station and area in the salon is clean and ready, from the bathrooms to the color bar.


In her time outside of the salon, Chelsea loves spending time with her family. With her husband of 12 years and three beautiful children, they love outings like taking a long walk in Colonial Williamsburg and getting ice cream after. Affectionately called the “bob queen,” bob haircuts are one of her favorite haircuts to give. Also a fan of color services, it’s her goal to make all her clients look and feel amazing. “It makes me feel so good when I turn the client around and they are absolutely stunned by how good it looks,” Chelsea shares.

We look forward to many more stunned chair turns in Chelsea’s future here at Posh! To book an appointment with Chelsea, give our studio a call at 757.253.7674.