Today, we’re catching up with Nicki, Salon Director and Elite Stylist! As our Salon Director, Nicki plays an integral role in all of our operations. Not only is she heavily involved behind the scenes, but she also calls the styling floor home as she helps clients feel their best each and every day.

Nicki first got her start in the hair industry in high school where she began her cosmetology journey in New Jersey for two years before moving to Hampton and attending New Horizons. While in high school learning her craft, she worked as a hairdresser for three years before coming to Posh eight years ago. She has seen Posh grow over the years and evolve into the salon that it is today…and we’re thankful she’s been along for the ride!



As Salon Director, Nicki is responsible for ensuring the salon runs as smoothly as possible. As the first person there in the morning, she starts her day with a good cup of coffee dressed in all black and in her heels (of course). She ensures that every guest has their expectations met and that their experience is a pleasant one. Nicki works closely with our stylists and helps to create a salon culture unlike any other. On top of the salon culture, Nicki loves how the team works together.

Posh is different from any other salon because of the salon culture we have built. Not only are we an Aveda salon, but we are a family-based salon. We consider our salon team our family and we treat each guest who comes through our door as our extended Posh family.” – Nicki

Nicki’s days at Posh typically consist of 6-15 guests…all while still in her high heels!


While Nicki is skilled in all hair services and works diligently to continue her education, her favorite service to perform is drastic changes on clients. From long-layered haircuts to what she calls a “short, badass pixie,” or dark brown bobs to blonde bombshells, she loves the creative process that goes into making these looks a reality.

When it comes to crafting the best experience possible for our guests, it’s not something that Nicki takes lightly. Her goal is to make everyone feel their best and feel at home while they’re in our salon. She remembers one guest in particular who helped her realize that she was exactly where she needed to be.

“A guest of mine for the past seven years came to me for the very first time after just making a career change and feeling overwhelmed. I did a simple trim…long layers, facial frame, trim on her ends, and gave her what I call a typical blowout. 

When I finished styling her hair, she immediately began crying. She couldn’t stop looking at herself! She then looked at me to thank me multiple times, saying, “I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life.” Right then and there is when I knew I was meant to be there for her and other clients like her. I was reassured that hair is my passion.” – Nicki


A lover of travel, staying active, eating good food, and her dog, Nicki stays busy inside and outside of the salon. She plays volleyball recreationally, enjoys listening to music, and is a champion at Uno! Her 10 month old puppy has kept her busy and filled her days with joy through the good and bad times.

This time of year, she’s especially grateful for all the people who surround her here in Williamsburg. With her immediate family living in Japan, she’s thankful for coworkers, friends, and even clients who treat her like their own and show her love each day. From making memories, laughing, and enjoying holiday dinners and treats with friends to facetiming her family, she’s making the most of this holiday season.

Nicki loves the work she does here at Posh, which is evident in the way she shows up for our team and clients and how she makes everyone leave feeling better about themselves. She is thankful to be a part of our team and continue to grow each day both professionally and personally.

Want to meet Nicki? Give us a call to snag a spot on her schedule at 757.253.7674.