We all want hair that’s smooth to the touch, nourished, and well taken care of. With all the things we put our hair through – we’re talking heat damage, high ponytails, harsh brushing, the whole deal – it’s important that we take care of it. Not all hair products were created equal, which is why we believe so strongly in the power of Aveda’s products. Today, we’re introducing something big.

Today, we’re (officially) introducing Aveda’s NEW Nutriplenish line of products. 

You might have seen these pretty pink bottles in our salon or heard about them through Aveda. Trust us, we can tell you’re excited! How? These products flew off our shelves the first day we got them in stock…literally! We couldn’t believe how fast we sold out, but it’s not surprising considering how effective they are.

With six products in the Nutriplenish line (a Light Shampoo & Conditioner, a Deep Shampoo & Conditioner, a Leave-in Conditioner, and Multi-use Oil), we can’t wait to help you find the right one for you to try…though we won’t judge if you’re tempted to try them all! We’re sharing some facts about Nutriplenish so you can get to know this new product line before you try it for yourself.



Nutriplenish is vegan and power-packed with powerful superfoods.

The omega-5 organic pomegranate oil hydrates hair to give you that run-your-fingers-through-it feeling! Nutriplenish products are 94% naturally derived and combine pomegranate, mango, coconut, and ginger (NOT silicones like other products on the market) with other powerfully hydrating ingredients to give your hair the nutrients it has been craving.


Nutriplenish both hydrates AND moisturizes.

If you thought there wasn’t a difference between the two, think again. Hydration penetrates the hair and nourishes it from the inside out, while moisturization seals the hair cuticle to keep the moisture in. Nutriplenish does both!

The multi-use oil can truly be used at all points in your hair’s day!

The five customizable uses are a pre-shampoo treatment, a leave-in treatment, a post-styling treatment, an overnight treatment, and a hydrating scalp massage. What way will you try it first?

Nutriplenish has both a Light and a Deep Shampoo and Conditioner available.

Depending on the level of moisture your hair needs, we’re happy to recommend the best option for you. Other things to consider when choosing between light and deep include hair type, hair thickness, hair damage, and more. Both conditioners contain mango butter and shea butter…so not only do they smell delicious, but they intensely hydrate and restore hair.

Looking for a long lasting difference in your hair’s health?

Nutriplenish leave-in conditioner protects and nourishes your hair in between shampoos so you can detangle, protect against drying UV rays and thermal styling, and keep hair nourished and healthy.

Aveda is calling Nutriplenish “hydration reinvented.” We couldn’t agree more. Ready to try it yourself? Interested in learning which products would be best for your hair type? Come by or give us a call today at 757.253.7674 to learn more! We have a limited amount of samples for you to try as well, while supplies last. If you’ve got an appointment on the books, let your stylist know that you’d like to try it!