Today, we’re introducing CJ, our Director of Education! Along with this role, CJ is also a talented stylist. CJ has been a stylist since 2009 and this July will mark her fourth year with us. CJ got her start in the beauty industry by working at a salon front desk in high school. “I saw how the stylists were building relationships with people and getting to know their story…I wanted that and decided to pursue it myself,” CJ shares.

With her background with Aveda, it’s no surprise she found her home at Posh. As a military spouse, she’s lived in many different places. She previously worked at the Aveda Institute in Tampa Bay teaching as well as at an Aveda lifestyle salon in Tampa. After moving to Williamsburg, she became our Director of Education.


Education as a Salon Priority

Education is at the heart of Posh and the key to success. Because our owner Nadia prioritizes bringing in the best educators in the industry, our team is exposed to new education on a regular basis. “My big motto is that if you think you know it all about the industry, you need to leave the industry,” CJ says. “It’s ever-changing and we need to keep up with the styles and trends.” In addition, CJ recognizes that each head of hair is different and that stylists need to understand how to work with various hair types, head shapes, etc.

As Director of Education, CJ is responsible for facilitating all the education within the salon. “Because we don’t have an Aveda institute close by, and because it’s such a unique culture, I help each of our team members get on board with Aveda culture, practices, and trends,” CJ shares. She certifies new stylists on things she is certified to teach as well as facilitates the training done by Aveda artists that are brought into the salon.

Though she had a hard time choosing, CJ’s most memorable education opportunity was when Posh hosted Ian Michael Black. “I love color and he is THE brains behind Aveda’s color,” CJ shares. “He shared color applications and theory, how Aveda’s color goes through research and development, and why they do the things they do…I love hearing the stories behind products.”


The Posh Difference

When it comes to Posh, CJ loves that it is a family owned salon. “The way the owners treat the salon and are involved is directly reflected in the rest of the team,” CJ says. On top of that, she is a fan of the beautiful location Posh calls home. “The location is top-notch, I love the team environment, and appreciate that there is room for growth,” CJ shares. “There really isn’t something I don’t like about working at Posh…we all collaborate when we need help and I know that I can depend on them…that’s huge.”

Her typical day at Posh is spent behind the chair – where she loves to be. “I step in anywhere I’m needed around the salon as well, a lot of the time collaborating with other stylists with color formulation or placements,” CJ says. Although she loves all different hair services, her favorite service is extensions. “Extensions are such a vulnerable service to do,” CJ shares. “It’s a powerful service to be able to give somebody something like that in such a short amount of time.”


Get to Know CJ

A proud Coast Guard wife, CJ loves spending time with her husband, their five-year-old daughter, and their Golden Retriever. She loves to travel when she can and she also loves spending time creating in the kitchen. “One passion of mine is eating out and then trying to recreate the recipe at home to see if I can do it,” CJ says. She makes time for fitness and enjoys working out at Burn Bootcamp in Williamsburg.

Looking forward, CJ is most excited about the potential for growth in the future of Posh. “It’s been so amazing to see it grow over the past four years,” CJ says. “I’m excited to see where we can go next.”