Hair color can make you feel like a million bucks. Finding the color you love can be a fun process, giving you time to try new things or change colors depending on the season. With our full list of color services, we’ve got you covered at Posh. Whether you’re looking for all-over color or some added “oomph,” we’re happy to get you where you want to be with your hair color. Today, we want to share more about our color services while highlighting our shine treatment to get you feeling your best!



When you come in for your next color, cut, or styling service, why not try to take it to the next level? Aveda’s shine treatment takes just five minutes to process and can be added to any hair service next time you’re in the chair at Posh. Not only does it give you that glossy, gorgeous shine, but it actually helps improve the condition of damaged hair. While you’ll leave feeling confident, your shine treatment will last after you leave the salon, lasting for 20 washes. It refreshes your hair color, corrects uneven tones, and adds gorgeous shine. Whether you’ve got a deep red or a bright blonde you’re looking to have shine, we’re here to make it happen. Just ask for a shine treatment next time you’re in the chair!



If you’re looking to add dimension or brighten things up, highlights are the service for you. Whether you want partial highlights (think the face-framing highlights that make your hair POP) or a full head of highlights, our stylists are skilled in the techniques to get you the look you desire. Perhaps one of the most popular treatments, our balayage service offers a blended, multi-tonal result as a unique approach to coloring hair. Color is hand-painted strategically onto the hair without the use of foils, which gives you the balayage look so many people love. Know what you want? Bring in a photo to show your stylist for inspiration.



Personalized, that is. Adding toner to your color service is the perfect way to personalize your color. You can alter the tone of your hair by making it cooler or warmer, depending on what you love most. Toner can also be applied to correct unwanted shades of color from previous color treatments. Toner neutralizes brassy tones, adds gloss and shine, and can help get you that vivid hair color that’s personalized to what you’re looking for.



Not ready to commit to a new color just yet? Try Aveda’s Full Spectrum Vibrants. These 95% naturally derived colors come in nine different colors and are completely customizable. The best part about them? They are semi-permanent and wash out of the hair after around 15 washes. This makes it perfect to try a fun, new color. They’re fashion shades, bold and bright, giving you the perfect opportunity to try that blue or purple hair you’ve always envied on others without the commitment.



Our experienced Aveda stylists are here ready to make all your hair color dreams come true! Give us a call to book your appointment so you can come see what we’re all about. Call us today at 757-253-7674.