For us, Aveda isn’t just a product we love. It’s a culture and mission that we proudly stand behind. As an Aveda lifestyle salon, each aspect of what we do is in alignment with the Aveda brand globally. From the services we perform to the products we use, Aveda is at the center of it all. Not only do we love it, but we know you will too! Today, we want to share what the Aveda Lifestyle and Aveda way is, and why we love it so much.



An Aveda Lifestyle salon is one that has a mission in alignment with Aveda’s mission. Here, we conduct only Aveda signature services and sell only Aveda products. Not only do we sell Aveda products, but each of our stylists solely use Aveda products at their styling stations and throughout the salon. Whether you’re relaxing for your shampoo or getting hair color mixed for your signature look, all of the products that touch your hair will be Aveda…which is something we’re proud of!



You’ll notice some subtle Aveda touches in the salon that make our salon stand out as a place for pampering and luxury. Treat yourself to an Aveda scalp massage by one of our talented stylists to truly feel a moment of “aaaah.” With any color treatment, you’ll be offered a hand massage while you’re in the shampoo chair, which is the cherry on top of a relaxing time spent at the salon.




If you’ve walked inside our salon, chances are you’ve seen our retail walls in the front, sprinkled with the latest products next to the classics you love. As an Aveda Lifestyle salon, we only sell Aveda products so that you can have the best right at your fingertips. Not only do we have hair products, but also products for your skin as well as aromatherapy. Aveda products are made the Aveda way.


The Aveda way means all products are:

  • Cruelty free as Aveda believes in no product testing on animals – only on people!
  • Packaged in post-consumer recycled packaging to be kind to our planet. Aveda is the first beauty company using 100% post-consumer recycled PET!

  • Made with naturally derived ingredients so you can feel confident in what you’re putting on your hair and body.

  • Manufactured with 100% wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets to protect our natural resources.

  • Crafted with Pure-Fume aroma, made only from pure flower and plant essences so they smell sweet and you can feel sweet about it.


No matter what type of product you’re looking to try, we’ve got a little bit of everything. Whether you need a new facial toner or a new de-frizz serum, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a body lotion or a new shampoo and conditioner, look no further. We’ve got gift sets, all the essentials you need, and plenty of travel-sized items to try or take on your next trip.

Learn more about our latest product launch, Nutriplenish, on the blog HERE! 



We would love for you to give Aveda a try! Come in and shop our Aveda products and be rewarded. Spend $45 on products, and you’ll receive a free Aveda detangling comb, perfect for brushing through wet hair to loosen tangles and keep your locks and scalp healthy. Spend $60 on products and get both the comb AND a travel-sized cherry almond hand relief, an Aveda favorite of so many. It’s a win-win and we can’t wait to treat you as you stock up on Aveda products.