The Brazilian Blowout: What You Need to Know




Maybe you’ve heard of it before or seen it in the media. The Brazilian Blowout has a reputation for giving many people the smooth, sleek look they’ve been craving. Especially amidst the summer heat, you might find yourself at your wits end with your heating tools and ready to find some relief from the frizz.


Talking with Briana

In order to tell you all about The Brazilian Blowout, we caught up with Briana to get all the scoop. Briana has been in the hair industry since 2013 and recently relocated to Virginia. She had always had a special love for curls and texture and has thrived at Posh with the ability to create new and fresh looks for her clients. Outside of the salon, she enjoys traveling to new places, painting, crafting, music, and spending time with her husband and dog.

When it comes to Brazilian Blowouts, Briana knows what she’s doing. She has been doing Brazilian Blowouts for over five years. Originally becoming interested in them because of her own hair, she stumbled upon Brazilian Blowouts after trying a number of other treatments. From relaxers to keratins, nothing worked quite like a “BB.” Once she discovered that for herself, she knew that it would work for her clients as well. “That’s what I love most,” Briana shares. “It’s seeing people fall in love with their hair and feel amazing about themselves.” 

Let’s dive in!


What do I need to know about a Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment that coats the outside of the hair. It smoothes frizz and reduces curl. The Brazilian Blowout is a good treatment option for anyone who struggles with coarse, frizzy, or uncontrollably curly hair that wants hair that’s easier to manage with shorter styling times and better styling results. “Guests who get the treatment can expect less frizz and softer curl patterns resulting in a smoother, sleeker look,” Briana shares.

Brazilian Blowouts lead to more manageable hair, which is most coveted by many guests who find it hard dealing with frizzy or curly hair that they spend time treating with heat tools. Guests still have the option to wear their hair curly or wavy and will be able to blow dry their hair and straighten it much more quickly than before. For guests with straight hair, their hair will appear more silky and shiny.


What is the process like?

Before the service starts, stylists chat with guests about the results they are looking for. For Briana, she notes the importance of coming up with a customized plan for each guest’s Brazilian Blowout. Once a plan is in place, the hair undergoes detox and product is put in. 

While the product is put into the hair, it doesn’t activate until it is flat ironed in. Stylists will then blow dry and flat iron the hair with the heat appropriate for the customized desired results. “Then we do a final rinse and blowout, with no down time for you,” Briana says. This treatment typically takes anywhere between two to four hours depending on the guest’s hair type, length, and desired result.  


Is it safe for the hair?

While this might be a worry for those looking to protect their hair, there’s nothing to fear in regards to this with The Brazilian Blowout. “It is absolutely safe,” Briana shares. “Because the Brazilian Blowout coats the outside of the hair, it fades over time and doesn’t change the chemical structure of the hair. It’s safe on any colored, highlighted, or previously straightened hair.” 


What is the investment?

Another frequently asked question, a Brazilian Blowout should definitely be considered an investment for those who are interested in having the service done. “Services start at $250 and go up depending on the hair type and thickness,” Briana says. She also shared that it is highly recommended to use the Brazilian Blowout products to take care of the hair afterwards and recommends using shampoos without sulfates. 

With correct maintenance, the Brazilian Blowout can last anywhere from 2.5 to 4 months depending on how it is taken care of. For this reason, many guests find the investment extremely helpful in helping them achieve the look they crave without all of the hassle of heat styling. 


Additional Tips 

While many guests choose to have a Brazilian Blowout done in the summertime when heat and humidity are a concern, there are ways that they can keep theirs protected throughout the summer. Briana recommends using water and Aveda’s sun veil to protect the Brazilian Blowout from being stripped by time spent in the chlorine or saltwater. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to color your hair in addition to receiving a Brazilian Blowout, it’s recommended you get the color treatment done beforehand or at a later date.


Want to know if it’s right for you?

Give us a call at 757.253.7674 to discuss if a Brazilian Blowout is the right move for your hair. We’d love to talk with you more and go through the details about the treatment to help make your decision an easy one. 

As a special bonus, we’re excited to offer to offer our clients a FREE haircut with their Brazilian Blowout treatment. Come get pampered with us. 

We look forward to helping you feel your absolute best this summer and beyond! 

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